Clairify complex information visually

Universities and research institutes
Janna Kool helps research teams to explain their complicated results in a short way to a broader/different public by making the information visual and understandable. Together with a PR-expert, a broad public will receive the clear message.

Semi-government and municipalities
Janna Kool helps the municipality and semi-government that need more overview in the chaos of complicated policies or processes with a clear and common picture. Depending on the situation, this can be done in combination with research, if there is a need for more understanding. Or in combination with a change specialist, if there is a need for change in the organization.

Change supervisors an change coaches
Janna Kool helps social and sustainable entrepreneurs to clarify unclear matters for themselves and their environment by means of visualization. A clear image can be:

  • appropriate to the desired image of the company

  • a vision

  • a talking plate in a transition of the organization

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